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Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions are in the current form part of all closed and future contracts with customers, unless otherwise agreed. Our partner agrees that in case of the use of standard terms it is assumed by him in doubt of our conditions.

It is prohibited for the buyer to specify false, fantasy and/or thought name in the context of the order procedure and other communications. The seller reserves the right to pursue any abuse or misuse in the interest of all users under criminal law.

With the agreement in present general conditions of sale, the purchaser is alone responsible for the correct entry of data.


Unless otherwise agreed, all purchase prices of the products and the shipping costs including VAT and are in Euro. The purchase price is always valid on time of placing an order and appears on the internet price. Prices and shipping costs can be changed at any time without further Avis. Therefore, make sure of the final purchase price before submitting your order.

All products are shipped directly from Austria. All product prices and shipping costs are shown on the web, and unless otherwise agreed, and there are not accounted eventual costs resulting from customs duties and taxes, in the case of a transit to countries outside the European Union, in which individual import restrictions must be observed.

These costs are there for e borne by the buyer and must be listed in the respective order confirmation upon delivery of the products.

The prices are based on costs at the time of order. If costs change up to the time of delivery, these changes are on cost of the buyer.

Terms of Payment

The payments shall be made in accordance with the agreed terms of payment.

Credit and prepaid cards:

For online order on our website, we accept credit card payment or payment by prepaid card (eg PostePay), at no additional cost to the product or shipping. With considerations that you have to be the bearer of the credit card at the time of ordering online, the credit card has to bear your name and match with data of the billing address. Missing one of these conditions, the order cannot be processed. The seller is also authorized to make partial settlements, provided that the goods are delivered in parts.

The buyer is not entitled to with, hold payments due to warranty claims or other counter claims not recognized by us. In any case, we are entitled even when undeserved late payment from original due interest in the amount of 13% per year are placement of all judicial and/or extra judicial costs for the introduction of performance (payment) incurred by the buyer to require (in particular any dunning and collection costs and the cost of a pulled lawyer). Claim a higher damage caused by default we reserve expressly.

Retention of Title

Until the complete fulfillment of all financial obligations of the buyer, the goods remain our property.

shipping and delivery of products

Each shipment contains:

  1.         the ordered products;
  2.         the associated transport and invoice document;
  3.         any necessary accompanying documents for the destination of the shipment;
  4.         infomations and promotional material.

The acquired products are transferred from the seller to the chosen supplier, stating the buyer in the acquisition mentioned address when ordering in the frame as an insured delivery.

At the moment of the reception of the goods at the home address, we ask to consider the integrity and completeness of the packages. In the case of anomalies, display and record the supplier and accepting delivery must be refused. Otherwise, he will not have any right to a possible as sertion attributable.


Transfer of risk on delivery

Before returning the goods, the risk for loss or damage to the goods only passes to the consumer as soon as the goods are delivered to the consumer or to a certain of this, various third party by the carrier. However, the consumers themselves closed the contract of carriage, without doing a benefit for our part proposed choice, so the risk is transferred to the delivery of the goods to the carrier.


Warranties of non-conforming products

The Seller warrants that goods are delivered in the agreed quality and goodness. Apart from those cases where entitled by law the right to change, we reserve the right to satisfy a warranty climate our option by repair, replacement or price reduction.

All costs of cancellation due to product defects are borne by the seller.


Only if the buyer and recipient is an end user, he has the right to withdraw from the contract with the seller within a period of 14 working days from receipt of goods ordered online without penalties and without giving reasons.

The cancellation or return subject to the following conditions:

  1.         There turnable products can only be returned in their entirety and not in individual parts.
  2.         The products to be returned must not be used, worn, washed or damaged.
  3.         The products to be returned must be returned in their original packaging.
  4.         The products to be returned must be returned to the seller in one shipment. The Seller reserves the right products that come from a purchase order, but are sent back in various supplies not to accept.
  5.         The products to be returned must be passed to the supplier within the period of 14working days from receipt of goods to return.
  6.         In the case of so called multi-packs of products sold, and therefore a lower price of the items as usual, the right of withdrawal may be exercised only with respect to some products: In this case, the price based on the normal cover price revised. In all other cases, the right of withdrawal may be exercised only in relation to all products in their entirety, and partial withdrawal is excluded.

The Hosiery Gesm.b.H. will only accept responsibility for the shipping cost if damage due to transport or a faulty delivery was caused by the seller. Only in these cases, the shipping cost will be refunded by the seller. In any other case, the shipping costs will be charged to the customer. (max. € 10,00 +. € 1.00 per kg).

Model withdrawal form

(If you want to cancel the contract, please complete this form and send it back) to

Hosiery GmbH 
Czeija-Nissl-Gasse. 7 
A-1210 Wien 

- Hereby give notice that (n) I / We (*) from my / us (*) concluded agreement on the Purchase of the following products (*) 
- Appointed on (*) / received on (*) 
- Name / consumer (s)

- Address of the / consumer (s)

- Signature of person / consumer (s) (only with message on paper) 
- date

(*) Delete where not applicable.


Contract transition

All rights and obligations under this contract in accordance with §38UGBgoto the assignee without a separate notification of the contractor would be required. The contractor hereby waives his legal right to object.

Jurisdiction, applicable law, place of performance

Jurisdiction for all disputes arising directly or indirectly from the contractual disputesis the local authority responsible for the location of the seller Austrian court. However, we have the right to sue at the general jurisdiction of the contractor. It is exclusively Austrian law.

If the consumer domestically domiciled or habitually resident or is he employed in Austria, it may be justified for a lawsuit against him only the cognizance of the court in whose jurisdiction the residence, habitual residence or place of employment; this does not apply to disputes that have already arisen.

Deliveries and payments have to be fulfilled in the direction of the seller, even if the transfer is agreed to be a different place.

Arbitration body

We recognize the internet ombudsman as out of court mediation body. If you have further questions regarding dispute settlement, please contact our service: service@colgoto.com or the Internet Ombudsman www.ombudsmann.at. Information concerning the competence of the Internet Ombudsman can be found here (Link:http://www.ombudsmann.at/schlichtung.php/cat/2/title/So_funktioniert%27s#a2).



Contract data is stored for billing and are always available to the customer by login. Contract-, order- and business language is German.

If any provision of these terms of sale is invalid or void (especially at the Consumer Protection Act), the validity of the other provisions remain unaffected.

Information, complaints and data information under office@colgoto.com

September 2017