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Classic Tights

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Infinity 15

These are exactly the right ultra-transparent tights for the summer, size XL is also great for women with long legs. The comfort waistband is also provided with a 2 cm wide grip protection to be able to put on and place the tights optimally. A cotton gusset is sewn in.

Matt 20

Finest summer mat tights without shorts, comfortable seams, hygienic gusset, invisible toe

Like 20

Classic tights 20 den with shorts for women

Exclusive 20

Thin tights made of high quality material that not only looks good on the legs but also feels comfortable. Suitable for making the picture unforgettable!

Like 15

Classic tights 15 den with shorts for women

Chic 20 Bikini

These tights by Giulia always have the feminine chic. The eye-catcher is the fine black seam that runs from the high heel to the panty part and is perfect for your elegant appearance. Unreinforced toes and panties in connection with the cuddly fit and classic, silky, shimmering, transparent look ensure a comfortable fit.

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