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About Us

The company HOSIERY GmbH is an international company specializing in high quality hosiery with headquarters in Vienna, right in the heart of Europe. This guarantees short sales and distribution channels in the whole European region.

Although the company was only founded in 2014, it is a traditional and proven track record. Why?

Our production companies produce high-quality and internationally respected brand GIULIA. The brand itself and the products are a masterpiece, combining noble quality with perfect craftsmanship. Approx.. 1000 employees produce the range of GIULIA for ladies, teens and children.

We as HOSIERY GmbH bring the goods directly from producers in the European Union to make them on the one known in Western Europe and the second to establish itself in the market. For the B2C section of the web store was chosen as the distribution channel. So under COLGOTO.com get exclusive merchandise and top quality directly from the producer.

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+43 (0) 1 270 6740