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The new spring collection is already here! Enjoy the sun and warm temperatures with us. We've prepared great tights for you. It's time to look perfect!

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Alike 40 model 1

Tights with imitation leggings and a geometric pattern for real business women who want to emphasize the length and beauty of their legs. Stylish print will not leave anyone indifferent either!

Fashionista 40 model 7

Meet one of this year's trendy models – fantasy tights with a small tattoo pattern, which will become a fashionable detail of any of your looks. Fashionista tights from the Giulia brand will not only decorate your legs and emphasize their slenderness, but also allow you to feel comfortable and confident in any situation. Such tights with a density of 40 den will perfectly diversify your wardrobe and allow you to look very stylish, and most importantly - they will be incredibly comfortable.

Fashionista 40 model 8

Fashionista fantasy tights are just the perfect accessory to complement fashionable looks. Thanks to the original design with SUPERWOMAN inscriptions, they look very interesting and stylish, and the material with a density of 40 den protects the legs well from the cool weather and nicely emphasizes their slenderness. Also, these tights have an elastic wide belt, a cotton gusset and sealed bowls, which provides maximum comfort. In such tights, everyone will feel like a super woman!

Insomnia 20 model 3

Do you want to focus all attention on your slender legs? Or are you looking for an unusual accessory to complement your outfit? Fantasy tights Insomnia 20 den with an exclusive geometric pattern with card suits will help you in this matter. This model looks very extraordinary and interesting, and most importantly - it is of the highest quality. The tights have a medium fit and a comfortable wide waistband that does not crush the body. Sealed toes provide additional comfort and significantly extend the life of tights, and cotton gusset and flat seams make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Insomnia 20 model 4

To look attractive and stylish, it is not necessary to spend fabulous amounts on branded outfits. It is enough just to buy original fancy tights - in combination with them even the simplest dress will sparkle with new colors. The polka dot pattern and zodiac signs along the entire length of the legs will add zest to any image, and the soft comfortable material with a density of 20 den will give your legs an exceptionally pleasant feeling. Tights have a medium height, wide waistband, cotton gusset and sealed toes. Thanks to flat seams, they do not stand out under tight-fitting clothes and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Miracle 40 model 1

Fantasy tights Miracle 40 den combine spectacular looks, high-quality workmanship and incredible comfort. They have a medium fit and an elastic waistband that holds them gently and firmly at the waist. The material is smooth and feels comfortable, flat seams leave no marks on the body and are not noticeable under tight-fitting clothing, and a hygienic cotton gusset adds even more comfort. The highlight of these tights is a geometric pattern in the form of wide contrasting stripes on the lower leg. They look original and stylish, and since they are not too short, you can wear them with any outfit.