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Slips und Tracks

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Boxer Briefs

Seamless briefs without an aggravating effect will not bring discomfort, but will only become convenient for any look. The high-quality materials that go into these briefs help keep them in good condition for a long time.

Brasilian Briefs

Basic cotton brazilian briefs for your flawless everyday looks. The soft, breathable material feels good on the skin and allows the body to breathe, while the thin elastic band and finished hem contribute to additional comfort. Such Brazilian panties with a low fit will perfectly fit into your wardrobe and will look very nice on your figure.

Hi-Leg Briefs

Mid-rise seamless women's slips with improved seam processing. In production, a new sewing processing technology is used, due to which the armholes, edging and rubber bands have become more stretchy and elastic, do not cut into and are completely invisible under clothes. There is a cotton swallow, which makes underwear more hygienic. The product quickly absorbs moisture and quickly evaporates it, the body does not sweat, there is no greenhouse effect both on hot days and on cold days when we put on warm clothes on top.

Midi Briefs

Seamless model of women's panties, the cut of which completely covers the buttocks, lower abdomen and thighs. The model has a high fit and a cotton gusset, thanks to which the underwear is more hygienic and comfortable. Soft and elastic elastic and armholes fix the product well on the body without pressing or rubbing. Soft and pleasant material is pleasant to the body, allows moisture and air to pass through. Long retain an attractive appearance with proper care.

String Briefs

Womens seamless thong made of soft microfiber with a low fit. The innovative technology of processing the product during dyeing allows you to achieve maximum hygroscopicity, the product quickly absorbs moisture and quickly evaporates it, your body does not sweat. The model has a cotton gusset. Armholes, edging and elastic band are soft and elastic, do not cut into the skin.Long retain an attractive appearance with proper care.

Tracks 01

Seamless cycling shorts made of elastic and soft microfibre. Thanks to the wide and comfortable belt, they do not cinch the waist, are not transparent, the length of the shorts reaches the knee. They sit comfortably and emphasise the beauty of the figure!

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